We see it as our mission to ensure that your visit to the Botanic Gardens is memorable... and satisfying!

The Botanic Gardens Restaurant/Cafe is nestled in the shadow of the Mount Whitfield National Park and contains a myriad of ancient plant life and a number of popular walks and hikes.

The popular Red Arrow and Blue Arrow walks up Mt Whitfield are only 200m from the cafe and any day of the week you can join the locals and tourists alike who are either looking to keep fit, take in the beautiful sights... or both!

The top of the Red Arrow gives an amazing bird's eye view of Cairns and the walk is just enough to stir the metabolism in time for Eggs Benedict... do the walk and reward yourself!

In recent time, the botanic precinct on Collins Avenue has undergone significant changes to make it more accessible and to add to its magnificent ambience. While initially disruptive, the changes have been magnificent for the area and makes Collins Avenue and the Botanic Gardens truly a destination unto itself.